commission an original haiku!

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commission an original haiku!

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times are tough! the guru has agreed to write an original haiku for the first 17 villagers that pay him whatever they're willing to pay.

what is the catch?

only that just 17 are available.

don't worry: the guru advertises a money-back guarantee: he guarantees you'll ask for your money back.

how much money?

however much you think an original haiku is worth.

how much is recommended?

the guru feels like getting paid $1 a syllable sounds pretty awesome, but the tortoise said he even at $1 it would be a rip-off.

"one dollar per poem?!" the guru said. "how am i supposed to live on one dollar per poem?"

the tortoise replied, "your plan is to live on poetry?"

will more money result in a better poem?

the guru said, "absolutely."

the sunflower said, "is there a better poem than the sun?"

the banker said, "yes: money."

but the guru said, "no, money is not #zen, and to have it corrupts your soul. therefore, give your money to me, and i will bare this burden for you."

get them while supplies last!

I want this!
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